RoXiva Light Therapy

RoXiva Light Therapy uses Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) – Brainwave entrainment (BWE), is sometimes also known as audio visual entrainment (AVE). They are terms used for the effect an external source of regular beats, flashes or vibrations has on the brain. This causes entrainment and synchronizing of the brains own frequency to that of the external stimulation. And the effect is called the Frequency Following Response (FFR). This can be done with sound, light, vibration or even certain electromagnetic pulses. BWE has the added benefit of being able to create inter-hemispheric synchronization of both sides of the brain. This therefore improves communication between both hemispheres.
Patterns of neurochemical activity (measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz)), match mental states of relaxation or arousal. This Frequency Following Response effect of brainwave entrainment can be used to induce deep trance states and meditation. And this often occurs quickly to levels that would otherwise take years of practice. Or it can enhance motivation and focus. With care and a doctors advice, it may even help with things like depression and anxiety.., arguably the two biggest troubles of our time. Many claims are made of what it can do and for most people it is a safe way to explore altered states. It does this by guiding the brain into less explored or less used states of mind. Sometimes this brain/stimulus synchronization happens naturally. For example.., the ticking of a clock can put some people to sleep as the brain starts to entrain to the constant tick, tick, tick. The same thing can happen when travelling in a car with the constant flashing past of light poles or road markings at regular and repeating intervals. It can actually contribute to feeling drowsy.
Deep meditative states and trance states are the most common uses of brainwave entrainment. Often these states are achieved quicker and more profoundly than non aided meditation. Also states of high alertness, flow and creativity are possible. The range of possible uses could be said to be unlimited with the right intention and persistence. Any activity or situation where being more relaxed is beneficial can be enhanced. And any activity where being more aware and focused is beneficial, can be enhanced. Both done by training the brain to more easily get into and maintain a certain frequency of dominant brainwave. Also the result of synchronizing both sides/hemispheres of the brain can have beneficial results in whole brain communication. Psychedelic states and visions are also achievable particularly with photic/light based brainwave entrainment. Medical approval is rare for BWE but therapeutic uses are common with sometimes miraculous results.

Recommended Practices:

  • Start slow and don’t do too much. Most side effects are a result of overuse. You will react to BWE in a unique way so measure your own ideal use pattern.
  • Stay hydrated (drink water).
  • If you experience discomfort then stop using it and if the discomfort persists seek medical advice.
  • Do not use is you have epilepsy or suffer from brain abnormalities such as seizures or blackouts.
  • Be aware that people who have had head injuries or a stroke are more susceptible to seizures.
  • Check with your doctor if you are on any medication that there are no contraindications to using BWE before use and indicate to the doctor what type of BWE you intend to use.
  • Avoid combining alcohol or recreational drugs with BWE.
  • Do not use if pregnant to avoid possible risk to the baby.
 That said, it’s rare for anyone to have negative effects. You may simply feel different or a bit spaced out (like in a mini trance) for a short time after a BWE session. Most people have a positive experience and most minor side effects if they occur will disappear quite quickly.

Benefits of RoXiva Light Therapy:

  • Improve Meditation
  • Increase Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Increase the rate at which you can reach Delta or Theta Wave states, and can be combined with therapeutic practices.
  • Personal and Professional Development – Helps to Create learning states for combining with your favorite practices like hypnosis, affirmations, breathwork, visualizations and idea creation.
  • Spiritual Development
  • Psychedelic and Immersive Journey’s – Everyone is looking for that Spiritual Journey into the Self.
  • Pain Relief
  • Business Development – create better practices by improving motivation and focus.
  • Sleep Improvement – purpose designed sessions to reset your circadian rhythm (body clock) or wake you up, re-establish a normal waking brain rhythm, and promote the deepest levels of brain activity where recovery, rebuilding, toxin removal and memory consolidation take place.