Remember how good you felt after getting a really good workout in? A session in the infrared sauna can provide you with this feeling without the grueling workout!! The infrared sauna is different from your regular old fashioned saunas that typically heat the air around you. An infrared sauna utilizes the infrared light, which is the healthy portion of light used by the sun, to heat up the core temperature (which increases heart rate) of the individual allowing deep penetration into the skin and helps to dissolve harmful substances. The sweat glands are then activated and help to remove these harmful substances. One of the best benefits is that the ambient air in the sauna stays fairly cool.

Benefits Include:

  • Weight loss and Increase metabolism
  • Detoxification of toxins (mercury, lead, and other environmental chemicals)
  • Relaxation (balance stress hormones)
  • Pain relief (muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation)
  • Improve circulation
  • Purify your skin
  • Anti-aging (reduces wrinkling of the skin and improves skin tone)
  • Heals wounds quicker and reduces scarring
  • Improves immune function
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Helps to increase the production of Vitamin D