I am excited for the opportunity to provide Bloomington and surrounding communities the experience of true relaxation and a better sense of well being!!

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Joseph GerbofskyOwner

First, I’d like to say that I am absolutely thrilled that you are opening a float & wellness center in Bloomington! Back in the early 1980’s, I had a friend, who had a floatation Center (Serenity Tanks) in Indianapolis for many years. I went every chance I got, and I’ve never experienced anything like it since…such peace and calm so I am very excited to sign up for a float at your center!

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Jaime SweanyBloom Magazine

I am so excited to have a float center coming to Bloomington. I am a weight lifter and I know that float therapy is great for muscle recovery and gain. I cant wait to jump into one of those tanks after a good workout!!

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Kyle ShawClient

I cant wait!!! I met Timothy Leary years ago on a beach in Los Angeles and he invited me to float during a harmonic convergence, I am a big fan of floating!!!

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Kenyon MaddenClient

Serenus Float and Wellness Center will be such a needed and excellent addition to the city of Bloomington and its patrons. I am extremely excited to see the new float center come to life, and try out the relaxation tanks myself!!!

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Valerie MaloneQuill Decor

I just spoke at a conference .They referred to Bloomington as a “Recovery community “. It is nice to see an initiative such as Serenus come to this community as it represents the forefront of progressive new age prevention and holistic wellness opportunities

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Pete LinkSocial Worker