I enjoyed my float. It was very relaxing and much needed.
The facilities are clean and well thought out. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Cheryl L.

Amazing!!! Much needed relaxation and the massage chair was great.
Staff is very friendly and informative…thanks Derrick!
Looking forward to my next session.

Lori H.

Beautiful facility and incredibly helpful owners. I LOVED my first float experience and the massage chair afterwards was icing on the cake! I would definitely recommend Serenus!

Brittany K.

Was amazing!! Would recommend this to anyone it’s weird at first but once I got used to it that’s when the magic happened.

Timothy B.

First time here and loved it!! The experience was very calming and peaceful! Facility was clean and staff was friendly and professional. I’d highly recommend stopping by to relax 

G’Aundra C.

Great service! Love the facility. The set up is clean and the staff very friendly. They have the option for a pool or the pods. The vanity room is a nice touch. The store front may look small but there is plenty of room inside. Such a nice business to have in Btown! Can’t wait to go back.

Brittany H.

I had a sauna session and a float last night. It was beyond amazing!! I never thought I could truly relax and unwind by being completely disconnected from everything. Derrick was very informative and helpful, I was nervous about being semi claustrophobic, but he took the time to give me a tour and answer all the questions I had. Everything was very clean and convenient. The massage chair is so worth it at the end, it’s like icing on a cake! It’s a must! I slept like a baby and have felt great all day. If u have been ‘on the fence’ about going….GO…u won’t regret it! I promise! I will definitely be going back again in a couple of weeks!!!

Whitney M.

Floated for the first time today and it was awesome! Total relaxation! Derrick and Joe explained everything so I felt completely comfortable! It was clean and gorgeous on the inside! Totally wish they were around when I was pregnant; I felt instant relief from my back and joints! Can’t wait to come back!!

Kelsey B.

I am so excited about Serenus coming to Bloomington because the passionate people of this community need this state of the art float center for enhancement of their better well being. Serenus is the place to be to relieve stress, pain, and tension while improving mobility and circulation. It does not disappoint when you are looking to relax, recover, and renew!!! You will love it!

Serenus Blue Water
Amber RaleyTherapist/Massage Therapist

As someone who experiences back and nerve pain, I’m looking forward to having the benefits of float therapy close to home

Serenus Blue Water
Matt ClardyRN