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Non-invasive Body Sculpting Treatments that Work!


Serenus now has Cutera Body Sculpting Treatments available, and now through the month of February we will have a Sale that provides those who buy Body Sculpting Treatments with a 10% discount for single treatments and 15% discount for those that purchase more than one treatment either for the truSculpt iD or flex procedures.


truSculpt iD treatment provides a truly non-invasive procedure that can provide up to 24% fat reduction in a treatment area, in as quick as 15 minutes, and with no downtime.


We also have truSculpt flex that can help in building/toning muscle in a short amount of time, so this is especially in demand for those looking to tone up, chisel out their mid-sections or other areas of concern that might be lagging behind in the gym.


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Float Therapy

We are happy to offer you a floating experience that will change your life!

Holistic Health

Floating, Infrared Sauana, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Oxygen Bar, and the Zero Gravity Full Body Massage are all holistic health choices.


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