Serenus is now Open!

We would first like to thank everyone that have continued to support Serenus through this long and stressful quarantine period. We also hope everyone has continued to be safe through these trying times. There is no doubt that we all could definitely use some rest and relaxation after being confined for so long.

New Hours of Operation: Mon– Sun  –  10am – 10pm

 Our COVID-19 Response

We know and understand that many will have questions about the protocols we will be following to maintain a clean and safe environment for our clients. As many of you already know Serenus has been a very clean facility since its conception in Dec. 2017. We pride ourselves on how clean our facility is, and we will continue to do what we need to do to make sure our facility is nothing below exceptional to each and every client that comes through our doors.

We of course will have some changes to our cleaning regimen in the face of COVID-19 as listed below:


1) We require ALL Clients to wear a mask in order to come into Serenus (you will be able to take your mask off once inside your Float or Sauna room). We will not be able to provide masks to our clients, so we ask that you please bring your own. We also ask that EVERYONE maintain a sense of there surroundings and do their absolute best to maintain a 6ft distance from each other. We will do what we can to make sure that we help in this endeavor, but know that each individual is responsible for following the social distancing guidelines. We ask that all clients wear their mask in common areas and hallways leading to those common areas i.e Lobby, Chill Room, or Rapid Reboot Room. Masks are not required once in your Float or Sauna room where you will be alone. Masks will be required during Massages and Acupuncture appointments, as well as, while using the Massage Chair or Whole Body Cryotherapy. Please call before booking Massage Therapy as we are currently working to fill positions at this time. 


2) We will have an initial intake COVID-19 questionnaire that will need to be completed and we will be taking clients temperatures prior to rendering services. Everyone should understand that all businesses have now taken up this practice as a step to protect clients, staff, and the business and we ask for your understanding in these matters.


3) We will be doing our Weekly Deep Cleanings of all high contact areas and equipment 4 times per week, up from our regular single Deep Cleaning prior to COVID-19. For those still concerned know that the virus cannot survive in our float solution due to the high salinity and use of H2O2/UV light as our sanitation method. As already known the COVID-19 virus cannot survive in hot environments, so our Float tanks and IR Saunas actually offer more security than other self-care services. We will also be cleaning the areas of the tanks that are not submerged with H2O2 to ensure no virus particles exist inside our tanks for any period of time.


4) Our IR Saunas will continued to be maintained the same way that were prior to COVID-19, with an uptick in cleaning and attention to all high contact areas.


5) Whole Body Cryotherapy equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after each use, again with more attention to high contact areas of concern.


6) Our Oxygen Bar and Massage Chairs will be condensed down into only one unit of each being available for right now. Due to the lack of area to work with we do not feel it is possible to maintain a 6ft distance between each unit at this time, so for right now only one of each will be available until further notice.

Float Therapy

We are happy to offer you a floating experience that will change your life!

Holistic Health

Floating, Infrared Sauana, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Oxygen Bar, and the Zero Gravity Full Body Massage are all holistic health choices.


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